Food Trucks!

So, I jumped the food truck craze...and I'm so glad I did.  It's like a crazy addiction.  I'll try food from one truck, and then I find I'm consumed with others I haven't tried, yet.  I get most of my research done at New York Street Food.  You want info about food trucks around the tri-state region?  Go to the website first.  If you're left insatiated after reading the latest food truck news on the blog then follow them on twitter, download their app and stalk the trucks yourself.

My first food truck culinary experience was with the Gorilla Cheese.  I smartly ordered the Triple Cream Brie with Prosciutto di Parma & Strawberry Preserves.  The flavor combo was to die for.  All my favorites together.  I found the bread to be a bit soggy, but that's my only complaint.  I'll order a thicker bread next time.  

Hint:  Long lines = good food worth waiting for

Food Truck Experience #2)  Kelvin Slush.  I found this truck on a hot day near Union Square.  How was destiny.  On this particular day, they had an Arnold Palmer special.  I said, "Yes, please...with chopped basil on top!"  One layer of tea slush, followed by one layer of raspberry slush, topped with citrus slush.  The basil was my add-on...and I have no regrets.  All natural.  All delicious.  I lost track of time sipping this concoction while watching people meander around Union Square.  This is my new happy place in my mind when life gets stressful.
Food Truck Experience #3) Wafels & Dinges.  I've actually been drooling over this trucks tweets for weeks.  They taunt me with pictures and promises to satisfy both my sweet tooth and my savory tooth.  I was in the City a few weeks ago and I got a tweet from them saying they were in SoHo and closing shop within 30 minutes.  I ran 2 blocks, jumped on the subway, jumped off the subway and ran 3 more blocks.  I found a long line in front of the truck with 6.5 minutes to spare.  I hoped the experience would be worth it.  I doubt there are words to express what I discovered.  I looked over the menu, and then angels sang sweet songs around me when I saw the words, "de bacon-syrup wafel".  Oh, yes...I did.  They had me at bacon.  There is something sooooo wrong about bacon cooked into a waffle...but, then again...there's something soooooo right about it, too.  They call it scandalous...and as I seek to find the right word for it...I'd have to agree.  There are no other words to describe it.

Food Truck Experience #4)  Mexicue!  I found this truck parked at 5th & 59th yesterday.  I just ran the 5th Avenue Mile (Fastest mile I EVER ran...8:15!!!) and felt like celebrating.  Imagine my excitement to see food trucks at the finish line.  Had I known food trucks were waiting...I would've run a 7:15.  Could this day be more perfect?  I waited until King of the Castle ran his fastest mile (5:16!) and I dragged him over to the truck.  I ordered two Berkshire Pulled Pork Sliders (with pickled red onions & avocado smash) and King ordered two chicken tacos.  Mexicue's secret is the sauce.  I slathered it on my sandwiches and fell into a BBQ coma as we sat on a planter on 5th Avenue and watched inspirational runners of all ages finish their races.  A perfect day.  The pickled onions were so delicious I could've eaten them by themselves.  And avocado smash?  C'mon!  I live for guacamole.  It's the perfect food.  King of the Castle said his tacos were good.  I regret not stealing a bite from him.

Wafels & Dinges also had a truck at the finish line.  I thought I could finish my sliders and go back for waffles.  I REALLY want to try their "de throwdown wafel".  Since I have a HUGE crush on Bobby Flay, I cannot die without trying one.  But...regrettably, I didn't go back.  I'll continue to stalk them on Twitter and the next time I'm in the city I'll hunt them down.  I WILL eat the waffle that beat Bobby's waffle.

Speaking of good food...we walked past Macaron Cafe.  And by walked past, I mean walked past, turned around, entered the store, drooled at the counter and paid too much for "cookies" before walking out.  And by paid too much...I mean I would've paid more for these little bites of heaven.  And by cookies...I mean no words describe this decadent dessert.  O.K.  So Macaron Cafe isn't a food truck.  However, since I'm on the topic of food I had to mention them.  I ordered a grapefruit macaron and a raspberry macaron.  King of the Castle ordered a dark chocolate macaron.  All three were amazing.  The raspberry macaron didn't have the traditional ganache inside.  It had more of a jelly filling.  Brilliant.  If you haven't had a French macaron...go find one.  Now!  And savor every expensive bit.  Macarons are the new cupcake.  People will know you're cutting edge when they see you walking down 5th Avenue with a macaron in hand.  Bill Cunningham will take your picture and you will find yourself in the NY Times.  I promise.  (And if anybody knows of a macaron food truck...please inform me ASAP!)

So many food trucks, so little time.  When you see a food truck with a long line, make that your #1 priority.  You won't be disappointed. 


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