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Growing Our Family

The King of the Castle and I have talked about adopting a child (or children) since before Miss Mini Boss was born.  But, we didn't think the timing was right until recently.  I've been talking with other adoptive parents, doing internet research and last night we went to our first informational meeting.  My head is spinning with so many questions.  International or domestic?  Are we open to special needs?  Do we want a baby, or are we ok with older children?  It feels really strange to look at a list of special needs and say yes to some and reject others...knowing that there are children who need homes.  They need their basic needs met.  This is going to take a lot of wisdom and prayer.  But, I believe there is a child (or children) out there who belong in our home.

Our castle isn't huge, but we have an empty bedroom.  We have three empty seats in the mini-van.  We have access to medical care, education, food and clothing.  We even have instant siblings and a puppy who lo…