I am a Tebow Hater

I am a Tebow hater.   I was given that label during a Facebook interaction on the topic of the Christ-following football player.  I said nothing negative about the guy, I just admitted that I don't have a school-girl crush on him.  He doesn't capture my heart...or my attention span.  Apparently, I'm not a good Christian...because the new rule is that people who love Jesus should also love Tim Tebow.

Personally, I don't know the guy.  I've never met him.  I've heard great things about him.  I've heard he builds orphanages.  I've heard he feeds hungry people and visits the sick.  I've heard he respects women.  I've heard he can throw a football.  What's not to like about the guy?

I've heard some jabs about him in the media.  Songs have been written about him.  Poses have been named after him.  His virginity is questioned.

Here's what I see happening.  Christians see Tebow run.  They see Tebow pray.  They see Tebow ridiculed.  They feel they need to compensate and defend, because they take it personally.  They elevate Tebow.

I have no problem with Tebow.  I don't dislike him.  I actually feel sorry for the guy.  He's probably one of the most misunderstood men on the planet right now.

But enough about Tebow.  What really bothers me is the height we've elevated the poor guy.  Yes...I said "we".  We...as in the Christian community.  I have to associate my name with that group because I call myself a Christ follower.  Even though Christians have a bad rep in the media...I'm one of "them".  As a Christ follower, I believe that Jesus loves his bride.  And his bride is The Church.  And The Church is all of us that believe in him, together as one group.  So...when Christians behave badly...they represent The Church...they represent me...and more importantly they represent Jesus.

So, what's my problem?  I'm embarrassed.  I'm embarrassed every time somebody claims that God helps Tebow win games.  Can God help somebody win a game?  Sure.  However, the belief that a god is pleased with a person's actions and grants him favors is a voodoo belief...not a Christian one.  If we use that line of thinking, then what is God trying to prove when Tebow's team loses?  Does God love Tom Brady more than Tim Tebow?  And what about Christian players on opposing teams?  If two Christ followers play against each other, who does God side with?  It's faulty logic and I can't seem to find scripture to back it up.    

I'm embarrassed every time I hear somebody talk about Tebow's 316 yards.  Coincidence?  Probably.  However, the belief in numbers is numerology...not Christianity.  Can God use numbers to make a point?  Of course.  

As a mom, I understand the frustration of having a child idolize a superstar who has questionable character.  I am trying to raise my children to have morals and standards...which gets harder and harder to do as time passes and superstars become edgier and edgier.  It's easy to become famous if you're naughty.  Believe me...I know.  I live in New Jersey, the land of misbehaving reality stars.  

Yes...it's refreshing to see somebody with character in the spotlight.  It's proof you don't have to compromise your beliefs to be somebody.

However, where in the Bible does it say it's ok to idolize superstars?  I'm not being legalistic...I just don't see how elevating people does anybody any good.  I'm guilty of it, too.  I have Christ-following idols.  I deeply admire Mother Teresa.  I adore Katie Davis.  I have tremendous respect for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I'm in awe of all the unnamed people who risk their lives to save children from slavery and who are persecuted for their faith...outside of the spotlight.  I want to live my life with the courage and compassion that these people live(d) with...finding strength in Jesus.  I don't have Katie's poster hanging on my wall.  I don't own a Mother Teresa football jersey.  I don't pose like Dr. King in public places for photo ops to post on Facebook.

Here's a suggestion...instead of buying yourself a football jersey and posters of Tebow, find out what his favorite charity is and donate the money to that instead. 

In the meantime...I'll keep my crushes for my husband.  I'll let Tim Tebow be Tim Tebow..and I won't make him out to be anything more than a child of God.


  1. Summer, I love this post. I have found myself feeling the same way but not knowing how to put it into words. Thank you for sharing!

  2. You said everything I was feeling too guilty to say. By the way, I love that you put Katie Davis in the same bracket as MLK Jr. and Mother Theresa, she is truly a living saint and heroin!

  3. I don't disagree with you. But, let me look at this from a different angle. I'm an NFL fan. Maybe a little too much of an NFL fan. I not only watch as many games as I can, I actually spend time watching the talking heads give their flamboyant opinions, and not just on Sundays. I watch the NFL network. I read interviews of players. I go to the Bronco's website and watch their player's interviews. I did that when Tebow was still a Gator.

    I see camera shots of players from both teams huddled together in prayer before games that last less than a second before the shot changes. I saw a glimpse of Ben Rothlisberger in a "Tebowing" like position, probably praying but, the camera lingered longer on the Charger's kicker taking a leak on the sidelines earlier in the season. I hear Kurt Warner complaining that when he was a player and would mention God in an interview, it often would get edited out. Philip Rivers was on the cover of a Christian publication. (There's a reason the guy and his wife have six kids) His religion is a side note most of the time.

    Tebow is not the only Christian in football. He's not the only Christian on the Denver Broncos. He's not the only Christian to win games. He's not the first player to start a foundation or give chunks of his money to charity. As far as football players go he's not top of the line. His own coaching staff has said that they didn't know if they would keep him. 316 was his best passing game - and it's not close to what top QBs can do.

    Seriously what's so special? I can't see why he gets so much attention. The Christian community has rallied around an average player. Because he's so vocal? Because he's pulled off some 4th quarter phenom? Tebow himself has said players are praying on both sides and God doesn't give the game to the team that prays more.

    What I don't get is not why "we" all seem goo goo over a Christian sports figure, but why this guy? Why hasn't wasn't there this much uproar when the Cardinals were on fire with Kurt Warner at the helm?

    BTW we do have a Bronco's Jersey. Matt has even worn is to church a few times, it's not '15', it's number '24'. We are football fans after all.

    1. I think you and I agree 100%. I'm not sure why you used the word "but". :)

  4. Hey!! So I read your post and I do agree that we have put Mr. Tebow on a pedestal--but I thought that this article was interesting regarding Mr. Tebow and whether God is on Mr. Tebow's "side" (or not) during football...


    I thought you made some very interesting points and I do agree with you to a degree! But one of the reasons I love Mr. Tebow so much is because he is an example. He is genuine. He really does love Jesus and in our society (especially as a college student) it is so hard to stay grounded in Jesus when you are in a party setting and surrounded by people who don't have an understanding of something more and when you have professors pushing their atheist opinions onto you as if they are fact. In this setting you-I-can loose oneself but Tebow is different and he doesn't follow the normal path of young adults. And people/I NEED to see that! One of my best friends is an Atheist she knows about Mr. Tebow-she brought him up in a convo we started talking about what he stands and believes in-a conversation I might not have had otherwise! She thinks he's great and for the first time she want to come to Church with me and i think it is because of Tim! Though "Tebowing" and Tebow himself have been blown out of the water I can't help but think it is a good thing if he helps bring my best friend to Christ!

  5. I think the thing that I gravitate toward is Tebow doing well in the face of so many doubters. From college to how he couldnt throw before he was drafted. If you watch the documentary about him from when his college career ends to draft night it gives you a pretty good glispe at him and I liked what I saw as a person. The fact that he's a christian is a plus and its awesome. Its great when Christian's succeed but I like to see more about how he responds to criticism and the media and how he quarterbacks his team. In short his character is what gets me. And I'm totally ok with someone such as yourself being apathetic to him or is football abilities. And I agree that we as christians do and have elevated him and use him and his wins to espouse truths about God that are not true. Whether or not God is helping him win or lose games shouldnt be in any conversation I think what we should take away is how he plays the game and how he responds to his life. He has it tough and I don't envy him at all. And yes there are alot of other christians in the NFL, namely Drew Brees and but also David Akers. But you know what I will buy his jersey but to be fair I'd also by Jesus' jersey too, if he ever had one. I think its ok to support and root for these people as long as they don't become an idol.


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