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Where has September gone?

September is always a crazy month and I’m shocked it’s almost over. Where has the time gone?

People have been asking me about the sauces course I took at The Institute of Culinary Education, so I thought it was time to blog about it. I spent three days in the city mixing and tasting and chopping and whisking and bleeding. Yep…I cut my finger and I’m going to have a scar to show for it. I sliced my finger while cutting an onion. King of the Castle told me he’s sending me to a knife course next so I can learn to use those things without hurting myself.

Other than the pain, I had a really fantastic time in class. We flew through the sauces. First day was all about classic sauces: veloute, espagnole, béchamel, glace de viande, demi-glace and classic tomato. Second day was emulsion sauces: hollandaise, béarnaise, beurre blanc and mayonnaise. The last day we covered contemporary sauces: coulis, salsas, chutneys, relishes, infused oils and citrus juices.

I now have the culinary school bug and d…


The historical significance of this day is not lost on me. As I was riding the train into NYC this morning, I tried not to cry at the thought of the many people who did this exact same thing 8 years ago. Only they didn’t come back.

Today is cold and rainy…unlike that fateful day. But, the weather seems to fit the mood of the city today. I’m more aware of the sights and sounds today. I’m more aware of the people around me. Was that morning just like this…with everybody moving around the city to their jobs, walking their dogs, grabbing a cup of coffee before work? Were people frustrated at delayed trains? Were they happy to see the sun that morning? Were they making plans to meet friends for lunch before their worlds turned upside down?

So many questions filled my mind this morning as I walked to school. At one point, I crossed 6th Ave and looked towards the Financial District and saw the empty space where the towers once stood. I had to hold back the tears again.

I’ve had a …