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Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Week

I updated my blog last August.  The topic was about us being "paper pregnant".  We received an adoption referral of an adorable little boy.  We've been receiving monthly updates on him, including pictures, for the past three months.  We've been preparing a room for him.  We've been sharing his picture with close friends and family.  We've been dreaming about him and imagining him in our family.  We've been waiting for a court date so we can go meet him and obtain legal guardianship of him.

We finally received a phone call...but not the phone call we were expecting.  We have an update, and it's not good news.  I guess the easiest way to put this is that we've had a "paper miscarriage", aka failed adoption.

I don't feel free to share the reasons we were told, but "C" (as we'll call him) has been taken off the international adoption list.  And that's that.  End of story.  The end.  Finis.

To be completely honest, I wa…

Mommy's Getting Preg-a-nant

"Mommy's getting preg-a-nant!  Mommy's getting preg-a-nant!"  My 5-year-old is running around the house chanting this ridiculous phrase.  I have to correct her.  The last thing I want is for her to say something like that in public.

"I am NOT getting pregnant."

"Yes you are."

"Why would you say that?"

"Because we're going to have a baby."

"Honey, there are other ways to have a baby."

"How?  Do you buy one?"

Wow.  To clear matters up, we are NOT getting pregnant and we are NOT buying a baby.  I've been so-called "paper pregnant" for about 21 months now.  Twenty-one months of meetings, paperwork, classes and books.  And still no baby in my arms.

 BUT, we do have some good news to share.  Four weeks ago, we were driving through Kansas (of all places) and my phone rang.  It was our adoption worker and she was telling me about a little boy who needed a family to adopt him.  My cell phone service…