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Be Careful!

Confession:  I snicker every time I see somebody post "Be careful!" under a status update on Facebook.  The "Be careful!" people are everywhere.  For example:

Jill Jones Getting ready to run my first marathon today!      Bill Jones      Be Careful!
Janet Smith Excited about spending the day in New York City!      Jane Nelson      Be Careful!
Jerry Burk At the airport waiting for the boarding call.  Can't wait to see my kids in a few hours. Donna Johnson      Be Careful!   

You get my point, right?  I love the "Be careful!" people.  Somebody's gotta warn others of potential danger.  I find myself being the "Be careful!" mom at times.  I'll admit I'm tempted to bubble-wrap my kids on occasion.  I have a "Be careful!" daughter who likes to warn me of potential dangers.  But, I've decided I don't want "Be careful!" to be my life's motto.  I've found that most "Be careful!" people don&…