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One Significant Moment

Our first moments together
I woke up that morning to the Muslim call to prayer.  We only slept for 4, maybe 5 hours, so it took a few moments to remember where I was.  The musty smell of the mosquito net draped over the bed tickled my nose.  I looked across the tiny room and tried to remember what time the driver said he'd pick us up, and wondered if my phone clock was accurate.  It wasn't.  We were late.  I grabbed some clean clothes and ran to the public shower down the hall.  I could smell eggs cooking and hear men's voices in the dining room.  I desperately wanted a shower after our long flight and short night's sleep and I hoped nobody would see me in my pajamas.  Our driver waits patiently for us.  I grab a piece of toast and some coffee while my husband pays for our room.  The driver explains he wants to leave Kampala as soon as possible, before traffic gets bad. 
We meet our attorney in the jeep.  She wants to ride with us to Masaka to brief us on what to expe…