Bon Appetit!

Hello, My name is JerseyHousewife…and I’m a FoodNetworkAholic.

Food Network’s Chefography week was last week. I was able to DVR most of the episodes I wanted to see. The kids and I have been slowly making our way through each show…with a twist. I thought it would be fun to watch a Chefography episode and then try a recipe created by the chef or cook featured.

Here’s how it went down:

Chefography: Rachael Ray
Food: Summer Shrimp Rolls (Yum!)

Chefography: Giada de Laurentiis
Food: Stuffed Shells with Arrabbiata Sauce (Double YUM!)

Chefography: Bobby Flay
Food: Napa Valley Burger with Sweet Potato Fries (Gotta have more!)
(O.K. I’ll admit it…I cheated on this one. We actually went to Bobby’s Burger Palace for lunch. I didn’t actually cook.)

Chefography: Paula Deen
Food: ??
I’m undecided on the Paula Deen thing. I’m not a big fan of southern style cooking. We just watched the Chefography today and I have a newfound respect for Paula. I do have a recipe for her Top Secret Chocolate Cookies that I may try for dessert tonight. I really don’t know what the top secret is besides maybe the butter? But, anybody who is familiar with Paula Deen’s cooking knows that butter goes into EVERYTHING.

What’s next? I still have Chefography episodes on the DVR for the Neely’s, Guy Fieri and Ina Garten.

Grand Finale? Julia Child. I loved the movie and have never tried any of her recipes. What shall I try? Boeuf Bourguignon? Pissaladiere? Coq au Vin? Poulet Poele a l'Estragon?

Obviously…most people don’t cook like this anymore. But, I want to challenge myself…so we’ll see how it goes. I promise this will not turn into a 524 recipes in 365 days project.

But, I do have a cooking project up my sleeves. I’ll share that another time.


  1. Really I'm not sitting in your house as you typed this ....I was just going to update my blog and checked in to see yours ; )
    So guess who Cliff loves the most of the listed....let me give you a hint "butter man himself" He does like Paula and all the rest! Someday we will come so we can go to one of Bobby's places.... but what we are hooked on now is Chopped ! and Top Chef !

  2. I still dream about Cliff's seafood chowder. YUM!!! :)


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