Where's Waldo...er...I mean Mr. Smarty Pants?

Mr. Smarty Pants is a big fan of Rascal Flatts. So, when I saw they were one of the bands performing for The Today Show’s Free Concert Series I knew I had to take him. I tried to get a fan pass to get a better view, but didn’t win them. But, that didn't deter me from still showing up.

We had to be at the plaza by 6:00 AM. Anybody who knows me knows that I don’t do 6:00 AM. I couldn’t sleep the night before. It didn’t help that I went to bed past midnight and kept waking up to make sure I didn’t miss my alarm. I even dreamt that I over-slept and missed the concert and that Mr. Smarty Pants was terribly disappointed. Well…that didn’t happen.

We woke up at an ungodly hour and got to the train station on time. We arrived at the plaza around 6:15ish. The place was packed. If you don’t have a fan pass you have to stand around the corner or across the street and behind the stage. Mr. Smarty Pants is only 3’ 9” short, so we found a spot near a planter and I helped him climb up the planter. He still couldn’t see a thing. This was unacceptable to us. If he didn’t see Rascal Flatts…the whole trip would’ve been a complete failure.

I decided to take him into Dean and Deluca to see if we could find a window seat. Jackpot! We found a lone table, right up next to the window with an empty chair. I ordered a coffee for me and a hot cocoa for Mr. Smarty Pants and we got cozy. We could see and hear the band warming up. They sang a few songs for the waiting crowd before the show even began. Then we sat and waited…and waited…and waited. The crowd inside the store grew. We made some friends, drank some more hot cocoa and coffee. One lady kept trying to sit on me. She had her foot on the seat of my chair at one point trying to lean in for a better view. Ugh! Am I invisible?

Finally, the band came back to the stage. We rocked out to three songs and then the show was over. Short and sweet. One our way back to the train I got a text from my husband. He saw Mr. Smarty Pants on TV and took a picture. That was the highlight of the day. Not only did my son get to see his favorite band, but he also got to be on TV! (Can you spot him in the picture above? I strategically had him wear his bright green shirt...just in case.) :)

So, was it worth getting up at an ungodly hour, being pushed around by crowds, seeing the band perform a few short songs? Absolutely! If I don’t create fun memories for my children, I will feel like a failed my kids. Sure, we could’ve stayed home and watched the concert on TV…but, it’s a lot more fun to say we were there.


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